Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Our high-performance factory automation system processes several thousand signals in order to safeguard the cement manufacturing process and ensure cement quality. Our range of products includes processes monitoring, control, regulation and optimization systems, as well as systems for ensuring constant product quality. All of these are of consistent modular design and therefore adaptable to individual plant requirements. We offer our customers a worldwide remote diagnosis service that operation of plants and allows prompt arrangement of the appropriate servicing tasks.


POLAB® APM, the automatic sample preparation module for XRF and XRD: compact, flexibly configurable and upgradable. POLAB® APM integrates into a single machine all the components needed for preparing samples of mineral materials.


POLAB® AMT, a laboratory automation system of modular design, is equipped with an industrial robot. It integrates the existing POLAB® standard modules for capsule reception and sample preparation into a successful modular design.


POLAB® ACT - is a compact and powerful POLAB® system for small and medium-sized applications in which the process samples arrive in pneumatic delivery capsules and are automatically prepared for routine and Rietveld analyses.

POLAB Shuttle

The POLAB® Shuttle is a laboratory automation system offering unique flexibility. It has already proven its value in the laboratories of several cement producers, and further orders have been received. Sample handling by means of a mobile robot enables unprecedented flexibility in terms of configuration, expandability and room layout. Operating on rails, the mobile robot serves the individual modules including pneumatic tube receiving station, sample preparation, sample return, input/output magazines and analyzers.


Based on our long-time automation knowhow and extremely broad knowledge of processes and equipment, and utilising an evaluation of the market’s current requirements, we developed an automation product that is perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the cement industry and mining industry. POLCID is configured as an open automation solution providing both well-tried and innovative functions implemented with state-of-the-art computer technology.