Mine Planing

Mine planing

We develop close working relationships with our clients helping to reduce their costs in developing and operating surface mines throughout the projects’ entire life cycle.

Soil testing and investigation

Ground and material investigations always form the basis for the layout and the design of the equipment. Material samples are usually available either from exploration drilling or during operation.

Material investigations

thyssenkrupp carries out these investigations either on site using their own test equipment or, alternatively, in an independent laboratory.

This service is particularly useful for our customers on projects where any material characteristic information is missing and/or where equipment design requires more detailed investigation.

Planning and Design with GEOVIA / SURPAC (Dassault Systems)

GEOVIA Surpac™ is the world’s most popular geology and mine planning software, supporting open pit and underground operations and exploration projects in more than 120 countries. Surpac addresses all the requirements of geologists, surveyors, and mining engineers in the resource sector and is flexible enough to be suitable for every commodity, ore body and mining method.

3D model of mine

Our experts work particularly with the following software modules:

Pit Design; e.g. volume calculation, production plans, mine development

Block Modeling; e.g. grade or tonnage reports, based on bench data

Solid Modeling; e.g. geological, underground, equipment models

Drill hole Database

Engineering and Software Solutions

Basic equipment designs and proposals can be put together by our experts using special software solutions. For example, for the layout of bucket wheel excavators, we developed an application which draws the actual position in 3D format and calculates all the relevant basic data in just a few minutes.

Modeling of excavation process

Even experienced customers, who have been using bucket wheel excavators for years in several operating conditions, will be able to increase their output with this program, as it helps to calculate the optimum machine position under different material and digging conditions.