In many plants it is necessary to cool down a thermally treated product before further processing or outfeeding. With rotary coolers, shaft coolers, flash coolers, fluidized bed coolers and, last but not least, the POLYTRACK® - the latest member of the cooler family – thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers a very range of products providing “cool” solutions for widely differing applications. A common feature of all our coolers is that the waste heat from the cooling process is recuperated for the pyroprocessing, minimizing the overall energy requirement.

Flash Coolers


If a flash cooler is used in combination with a cyclone, it is easily possible to discharge the dried material directly into the top of a silo, so that no vertical conveying equipment is needed.



The POLYTRACK cooler is a combination of a static, horizontal aeration floor and an above-floor material transport system. Its convincing advantages are the very high material transporting efficiency and strict separation of the functions of transportation and aeration.

Rotary Cooler

Rotary Cooler

High throughput rates, easy handling, great flexibility for coping with fluctuating material properties and quantities, high availability and low maintenance requirement speak for the rotary cooler.