Cable cranes

Even today the construction of hydro-electric dams is still considered to be a pioneering achievement. Enormous quantities of construction material and millions of tonnes of concrete have to be moved over long distances and always up to considerable heights. The most cost-effective way of achieving this is by means of cable cranes of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

Cable cranes are transport facilities operating on the ropeway principle, but are able to lift and lowerloads at the same time. The carrying rope which is freely stretched from one end of the jobsite to the other between two anchoring points serves as the track for the trolley. The trolley is hauled back and forth by means of a traversing rope. Lifting and lowering of loads of up to 30 tons is realized by an additional hoisting rope with absolute precision.Three Gorges Dam of China, the largest waterpower dam ever built in the world, located on the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) can represent to the world a few of most spectacular technical achievements. One of these highlights are the cable cranes from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions used for transport of building materials and construction equipment as well as concreting work during the construction period. Due to the thyssenkrupp 100 years experience in cable crane design, construction and commissioning these cable cranes have played an important role to allow the successful construction of the Three Gorges Dam.

Two luffing tower type cable cranes for Three Gorges Dam, China - Lifting capacity: up to 25 tons - Span: 1416 m
Parallel travelling cable cranes
High capacity cable cranes for Deriner Dam, Turkey - Type: parallel travelling with machine car and counter carriage - Lifting capacity: up to 28 tons - Span: 740 m
High capacity cable cranes for Xiaowan Dam, China - Type: parallel travelling with machine car and counter carriage - Lifting capacity: up to 30 tons - Span: 1158 m
Radial travelling cable cranes
Cable cranes on the site of the Karun IV Dam, Iran – Radial travelling on spherical track - Lifting capacity: up to 28 tons each – Span: 837 m
Leibis Lichte, Germany - two cable cranes, radial travelling on a spherical track - Lifting capacity: up to 20 tons - Span: 614 m
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